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Many members have been enjoying the new farming activity in Free Realms, or at least until they reach the level 11 quest "Be a Star and Give Me a Mint." This quest requires players to mix Starnut and Sprialmint samples to harvest 25 "Starmint" crops from their farms, a task that has proven to be very difficult for everyone!  


Only a handful of Free Realms players have managed to find a Starnut tree in the wilds and harvest some samples, and we have received no reports that anyone has collected enough to harvest the 25 required starmint.  What we have learned over the past few days is that Starnut appears in mountanious areas and is extremely rare to begin with.  


starnut(Thanks to Forum member Jewel2 for the picture of the starnut tree!)

Due to the extreme lack of Starnuts to be found, members got in touch with the Free Realms referees.  Unfortunately it was confirmed that the Starnut is not appearing as it is suppose to and that it is in fact Glitched.  It is not known at this point when the Starnut samples will be corrected, but we all hope it is soon!  In the mean time - your farm can still be leveled past 11 through planting and harvesting crops.


UPDATE (April 14th @ 5:10pm):  We have now received word that the Starnut Samples have been found by many players in Free Realms. Stillwater crossing (Near the fishing spot -  sacred grove shallows) has been noted as an excellent place to look if you are still seeking samples. 



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