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After the Thursday podcast, which gave many details of the new Farming plans for Free Realms. Users may be surprised to hear that the anticipated Farming lots have arrived in Free Realms!  Each player will log in to find a special "Wilds Farm" now available for you to start your humble farm in.  As with most recent updates, this feature has only been confirmed for the PC/MAC version of the game but should be released to the Play Station 3 later in the year (the PS3 version is currently running approx. three months behind in updates).




Each farm starts with some basic seed samples. More Seeds can be found in the "Wild" by collecting samples and bringing them to your "Farm-o-matic" found on your Farm lot.   Seeds are planted in plots of soil which can be purcahsed in the coin shop, then they must be watered using your watering can from the tool shed.  

Many fans of farming games will be pleased to hear it plays very similar to the classic game "Harvest Moon" which also required you to clear your land when you first started out. It will also provide hours of entertainment for fans of the popular facebook application "Farmville." 

More details of the Farming activity can be found at our wrap up of Thursday nights podcast located HERE. Happy Farming everyone!



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