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Missed the farming webcast today? No problem! Here's a wrap up of all the things covered in today's SOE webcast!

First up, long-time SOE employee Lydia 'Zatozia' Pope introduced herself as the new community manager for Free Realms! She assured us that things like the weekly community events will still continue, but with newer events and possible Monday events!

As for the farming update, Zatozia opened up the floor to Chris, who was known for the combat in Free Realms. However, most of the Free Realms team, including him, has taken up work for the new farming system in the game! 

Here's a general list of what was covered in the webcast:

  • Every player gets a free farming lot
  • There is no farmer job, but there are farm levels
  • Membership isn't required (however, like other member jobs, you can't progress over level 5)
  • Features the same kinds of crops featured in-game, along with some newer ones
  • The 'Farm-a-matic' lets you create new seed types from different plant samples
  • Farming doesn't all take place in your own farm. You can go around the world map to gather plant samples, even rare ones!
  • One such plant you can get is a 'Wildroot', which will give you a random crop!
  • You can visit your friends' farms and help them out in a few ways
  • You can take your crops to the Farmers Market to sell your crops and earn a variety of things, including:
    • Coins
    • Clothing
    • Illusions (like a little walking seed packet, similar to the marshmellow pets)
    • And possibly small potted plant versions to use in housing
  • While housing and farming work similarly, you can't put housing items into your farm lots, and vise versa
  • When you first get to your new farm, it will look like it's been neglected for a while and there will be a lot of maintenance for you to do, including pulling weeds
  • You have a toolbox of a variety of tools, all of which can be upgraded to help make your farming life easier
  • The item limit in your farming lot is based off how high your farming level is
  • Similarly, there's a wider variety of seeds to use as your farm level grows
  • Different plants will have different grow times, from within minutes to up to a whole day
  • Watch out for pests! They may wreck your crops if you don't be careful!
  • Chris describes the farming system as "freeish": There will be items in both the coin shop and SC marketplace to help your farm.

That's all we know about the new farming update for now!

Want more info? Need the whole details? Check back later for the entire recorded webcast!

What do you think of the upcoming update so far?



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