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As most of you may have already known, the PC Free Realms servers went down late Wednesday night for scheduled maintenance. What did this update bring to Free Realms, you ask?

First up, a new Poison Dragon ride can now be found in the SC Marketplace!


This vibrantly green-tipped, fume-breathing dragon is priced at 550 SC (495 for members).

Another notable addition to the game is the new VIP rank titles! That's right: With each VIP rank you earn, you will now also recieve a title along with it! The titles earned are as follows:

• Level 1 - VIP
• Level 2 - Trendsetter
• Level 3 - Kind of a Big Deal
• Level 4 - Celebrity
• Level 5 - Superstar

When equipped, these titles will appear in front of your character's name like so (Yes, other players can see your title!):


You can change your title in the About Me's 'Details' section, granted you have earned them.

Also, the Cherry Blossom Tree that was added to the SC Marketplace for the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Effort is no longer being sold. If you bought at least one before the donation drive came to a conclusion, we as the staff of would like to personally thank you for your support for Japan through their time of struggle.

That concludes the additions for this update! Will you be purchasing a Poison Dragon Ride? Planning on flaunting your latest VIP title around in game? Did you purchase a Cherry Blossom Tree to show your support for Japan?



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