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Free Realms Insider would like to welcome the PlayStation family to Free Realms! 
That's right! Free Realms is now playable on the PlayStation 3 and officially downloadable off the US PlayStation Store on the PlayStation Network!

If you're new to Free Realms, we hope you enjoy the game and keep checking us out for more news and info on the game!

Got some questions about the PS3 version of the game? Check out this post for some facts you should know about!

But why did it take so long to get to the PS3 in the first place? Read about that and more on this post featuring SOE President John Smedley.

Does your family want to play Free Realms online with the PS3? Be sure to check here for a guide to set up sub accounts and parental controls to make sure your kids are playing the way you want to!

For those of you looking to join the the guild on the US PS3 version of the game, check here for more info on how! Note that we are nto accepting applications for the guild until April!
Don't forget that we're also accepting PS3 events to be featured on our weekly This Week In Free Realms posts! Just fill out the info here and mention that your event will be  on the PS3 servers!

And last but not least, if you haven't already: Sign up and come talk in our forums! Get some help and find out more about the game with our big community of players!

Enjoy your stay, PS3 gamers!


Update (March 29, 6:30 PM PDT): Having issues accessing Free Realms on the PS3? You're not alone! There are apparently issues right now with the server. According to SOE Pres John Smedley via Twitter: "we are fixing it as we speak. Configuration issue that cropped up on live - Smed"

We currently have no ETA on when the game will be ready...

Edit: If you are still having issues with the game, check here with Free Realms Support.



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