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You've probably seen this card mentioned here on the FreeRealmsInsider several times, but was disappointed to hear that it's only for the United States. Well, fret no more international players! According to the latest SOE Podcast (#106, featuring not-a-referee Ambassador Shingo), these Station Cash cards may be coming to your country soon!

According to an interview with Don Vercelli, the Senior Vice President of Sales at Sony Online Entertainment, they will be "branching out into Europe and Australia" and will be hitting major retailers like GameStop and GAME.

For those in Canada, you're in luck! According to Don, "Canada should be very soon, in fact, we're just in the final negotiatons of that." Canadians should expect to see SOE cards at EB Games, Best Buy, FutureShop, & Toys R Us "within a few months."

Are you from outside the United States? Will you be picking up these cards?

Be sure to listen to the rest of the podcast too for the whole interview, and more!


(Note: These universal SOE cards only work for the PC version of SOE's games, not the PS3 versions.)



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