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An update is expected for tomorrow that will award members who have had an active membership before the VIP system was launched with additional points!

frivipstarsHere's what Pex has to say about it over on the Official Free Realms Forums:

"On Tuesday March 29th at (approximately) 10am PDT we are going to grant a one-time award of VIP ranks based on the start-date of your CURRENT Membership. If your membership has lapsed at all since creating your account, we will award ranks based on your most recent re-subscription date.

his update will not require server downtime. If you are logged in during the update you will have to log out and back in to see the changes."

As stated above, these VIP additions will be based on the starting date of your current membership status.

"What we do is look at your account and start to count backwards," Pex says, "As soon as we find a day where you were considered a non-member, that is the date we will use to determine your current VIP rank. As long as you renewed membership before your membership ran out, there is no lapse."

What are you expecting to achieve from this awarding update? Are you looking forward to reaching higher levels faster?

Stay tuned to FRI, as more information may soon be released!



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