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As we mentioned earlier today, we will be hosting a purple themed event tonight. We love to show and share our support here at for different causes, and we found out today is world-wide Purple day! This world wide event was started by a young girl from Nova Soctia (A province in Canada) who wanted to promote awareness about Epilepsy, and what you can do to help.

We'll be supporting international Purple Day, by promoting awareness in Free Realms and showing support to those effected by Epliepsy!  For more information about Purple day, you can check out the official website HERE.




We'll be hosting our party at 9:30pm EST / 8:30pm CST / 6:30pm PST tonight on SERVER ONE at Merry Vale. Please wear your most purplicious outfit you can find. We'll be hanging out in Merry Vale for about one hour, and just having a blast with the community of Free Realms, Free Realms Insider, and our guild <Insiders>.  Be sure to come out for some fun!



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