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Usually, we here at hold a special event every FRIday. Today, we step back a bit and highlight a new official community event today in Free Realms held by Sony Online Entertainment.

Today by 7 PM PDT (10 PM EDT), Free Realms will hold a moment of silence in remembrance of all those affected by the Japanese earthquakes and tsunamis. 

It has been two weeks since those devistating events happened, which has taken the lives of many and affected the lives of many more.

Attend via the in-game calendar to help show your support. Note that the event is listed 30 minutes earlier in the calendar than what it says in the details (6:30 PM PDT/9:30 PM EDT).

And if you wish to really show your support and help out, don't forget to purchase the new Cherry Blossom Trees in the SC Marketplace. For about $5, SOE will match your donation and donate $10 to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Efforts.

Thank you.



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