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reliefMany of our forum members have expressed concern over the recent events in Japan. There is a new and unique way to help support the Relief Effort that is on-going in Japan. Free Realms home owners will be pleased to hear there is a gorgeous Cherry Blossom tree available to purcahse for 500sc (450sc for members).

For every tree purchased, SOE will donate $10 to the Japan Tsunami and Earthquake Relief. We can only assume this item will be exclusive to this effort, just like the Holiday pets and Hati Earthquake Relief T-rex pet. if you are interested in owning this item it is great to know you will be supporting a cause as well. would also like to extend our thoughts to those effected by this disaster, and to those who are continuing their work on the relief effort. Stay safe!


UPDATE (March 25th @ 10:57pm): We have just heard that the Cherry Blossom tree will only be available from March 25th to the 28th.


Edit (March 28th): The donation drive has been extended! You have until April 1st (no joke!) to take part and have your purchase count towards the donations!



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