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Wondering how the upcoming PlayStation 3 vesion of Free Realms will be like? Can't wait for next week and want to see the game in action on the PS3? Well, we here at have set up this wrap-up post on some new gameplay footage from some of the biggest gaming sites out there! Check it out!

This first video comes from GameSpot's online show "Today On The Spot," which featured SOE's Ryan Wells giving a walk through of the game. One of the new things we find out in this video is about some of the PlayStation Network Trophies available, which include trophies for reaching level 20, tipping cows, and making a lot of friends.


Did you notice some slight changes in the game's interface? To fit the PS3's DualShock 3 controller, some changes had to be made in how the game looks and feels. One big change is the initial character creation process, seen below via Instead of going through a plain flat menu, it's all actuall in-game and rendered so you can see exactly how your character looks like when you hop into the game.


If you're interested in seeing more differences and similarities in this version of the game, check out more videos from IGN and GameTrailers! The videos include looks into exploration, some of the minigames, and the game's marketplace, and more!

How does this version of the game look to you so far? Will you be playing Free Realms on the PS3 as well?



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