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Did you know that you can earn free Station Cash? Don't panic: It's actually through itself!

If you head to the "Buy Station Cash" page from the "My Account" tab on, you are greeted by this page. It gives you the standard methods of purchasing SC that you've been able to do for a while now, like credit cards, PayPal, SMS, or game cards, but there's now one other option available to you!

Right below that, you can earn Station Cash by doing certain offers! If you have played other online games, you may be familiar with this. Essentially by doing certain kinds of offers, you can earn credits for your game. In this case: Station Cash for Free Realms (or any other SOE game)! They can range from low amounts to much higher ones, and it all depends on the offer. There are some "free" offers, as well as some that require a purchase. After you complete an offer, it may take anywhere from minutes to even hours for your SC to be processed to your account.

As it stands, this currently seems to be available to US reisdents only.

Will you be making use of this new "Earn Station Cash" feature?

Note to kids: Please ask your parent's permission before using any of these special offers!
Rememeber to read all the fine print before participating!



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