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Happy FRIday Insiders! If you log in today and notice that Free Realms begins downloading an update... well, Your guess is right: There was an update! The servers went down around midnight PDT this morning (March 18th) and came up recently before 3 AM PDT, and there's a couple things new in the update! Here's a wrap up of what to look for when you hop into the game today (and we hope you do log in today for our FRIday TCG tourney!)...

First up: Yes, Festival of Hearts has wrapped up for this year! Just as planned, all traces of the holiday event are gone (except for some housing items). If you missed something, you'll just have to look forward to it coming back next year!

As for new items, there's a new pet tiger in Free Realms, and it's hot!

The new Lava Tiger pet, like the Nightmare Pony pet, resembles it's bigger ride-counterparts and only come in one color (as of now). The regular price is 400 SC, and for members, 360 SC.

What else? Well, there's something new in the Coin Shop, but we can't quite make out what exactly!

There's a new "Farming" section in the Coin Shop, but there's currently nothing there! It also appars to be a little gltichy, but it's still a nice little sneak peek at what's to come!

Update: There's also been some new update notes on the official forums. On the technical side of things, here's what's been done in the update:

  • When making an SC purchase you will be prompted one time for your zip code. This is due to recent changes in tax reporting.
  • Updates to the Housing Server to prevent loss of purchases, set up, items and decoration progress.

Also, the servers for the game currently appear to be down at the moment. No word on if there will be an additional update happening.

Edit: After the update, all traces of the 'farming' menu in the Coin Shop has disappeared.


That's all we could find for now! If you notice something else new in the update, do tell!
Stay tuned to for the lastest on the update!



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