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Happy Saint Patrick's Day from all of us at Free Realms Insider! How are we celebrating the day? The best way we know how: An event!

Come join us at our meeting point in the Singing Crystal Mines up in Snowhill for our "Gold Hunt" event! We will be going around the realm to look for leprechauns and, most importantly, gold! We'll start partying-it-up at the mines and then eventually march out together and have a little parade of sorts, but mainly go out to find gold!

No spoilers, but if you want to know roughly where we'll be heading during the event, here's a map of where we'll approximately be going! Expect a couple surprises along the way!

The "Gold Hunt" all begins at 3 PM PDT/6 PM EDT on St. Paddy's Day, Thursday March 17th, starting up at Snowhill's Singing Crystal Mines and ending up somewhere in Seaside on Server 4

Don't forget to wear green and have extra silly string on you! If you don't: Expect to be silly-stringed! Everyone attending is welcomed to silly-string anyone who isn't wearing green during the event (and even throughout the whole day)!

Have a lucky St. Patrick's Day, everyone!



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