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While the big news right now may be the PS3 release of Free Realms, many are still wondering about the future of the game. Where will it go from here? Since the release on Mac and soon to PS3, there has been and will be even more new players to the game, and Free Realms will cater well to them. But what about to the many players who have been around for a while and done almost every other thing in the game?

One worry is that, now that Free Realms is on the PS3, Sony Online Entertainment will continue to develop for the system and leave the PC version in the dust. Rest asured, that is not the case as the PC will be the primary version of the game and SOE will continue to work on that version. According to an interview with lead designer Stephen Bokkes on; "As the Free Realms team is continually developing for the PC, you can expect a certain amount of lag time as the new content and features are in turn ported to the PS3."

Okay, but what kind of 'new content' exactly? also got some time with Stephen Bokkes recently and asked about some things that long-time players may be wondering about.

The interview is a good one, and includes some details of interest, such as if there will be a physical version of the  Treasure Wars card game (short answer: no). However, there's two specific questions asked that will definitely gain attention from FR players.

The first question is the big one for many: What will the future updates include?

"We've got a number of pretty cool things in the works right now, but I think that the one folks are going to like the most coming up in the pretty near future is going to be our farming system. We've been working on it quietly for a while now, and we're getting close to being able to show it off for everyone. In the next couple of weeks, we'll be doing some previews detailing exactly what it'll entail, but we think folks are going to really enjoy it. We're pretty excited about it ourselves! After that, there's some other really cool stuff coming down the pipe too (quick hint: Watch the rides section starting in a couple of weeks -- you may see a new type pop up!) but I can't spill the beans on it all at once, so stay tuned!"

For long time players, this is a huge question that you may be happy to hear about: What's the status of the the Pet Trainer job and the Vault?

"We are not bringing back the pet trainer job as players previously knew it, but we've got something coming up in the next couple of months that players who were fans of the pet trainer, I'm betting, will enjoy even more. I'm going to be evil and leave it at that for now though! As for the vault items, yes, you can expect to see some of those start popping up as VIP rewards."


That's all the new info we have for now on the future of Free Realms. Are you happy with the answers you got so far? What are you still looking forward to?



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