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Last Friday, we finally got word that Free Realms will also be available on PS3 by month's end. However, there's still many things people are wondering about for this version of the game. Well, wonder no more as we here at compile together details that we know about the game so far that are on the minds of many. What can you expect? Check out the list below!


  • Can I play the PS3 version with my existing PC account?
    • No: Both versions are separate. You won't be able to play with your existing character on your SOE Station account and everyone on the PS3 version will have to start new using their PlayStation Network account.
  • Can PC and PS3 players play together online?
    • No: There will be no cross-platform compatability between PC/Mac and PS3. Both versions are on different servers.
  • Can I pay for items on the PS3 version with Station Cash?
    • No: The PS3 version is linked to your PSN account, not your SOE Station account. Because of that, you will use currency from your PlayStation wallet rather than SC.
  • How much will it cost?
    • It's free to download off the online PlayStation store! Membership will still cost the same: $4.99 for one month, and the $34.99 lifetime membership option is also available for this version!
  • When will the European launch be?
    • The March 29th announcement only applies to America. There currently is no set date, but the current target is April or May.
  • How big is the download?
    • 860 MB
  • Will PlayStation Network Trophies be supported?
    • Yes! Free Realms will make use of the PS3's trophy system and will have a full set of 48 trophies, including 6 hidden ones.
  • Can I play the game with PlayStation Move motion controller?
    • Currently at launch: No. However, it was planned from the start to support the motion controller, but there was some difficulty in implimenting it. But there's always a possibility that they could update the game in the future to use the Move!
  • Can paying PlayStation Plus subscribers get any bonuses?
    • Again: Not at launch. Possible benefits for PS+ members are being discussed, but there currently none at the moment.
  • Will the game be integrated with PlayStation Home?
    • There currently no plans for Free Realms to support PS Home.
  • How can I communicate in this version?
    • You will be able to use a keyboard just as the PC and Mac versions, but unlike those versions, you will also be able to voice chat with other players in a group.
  • What will be missing from the PS3 version of the game?
    • Similar to the Mac version, the Free Realms TCG game will not be included on the PS3 version due to compatability problems.


  • Can PS3 players on the American version and the European version play together?
    • There's nothing official, but considering that the Euro version hasn't released yet and that the US/EU servers for the PS3 version of DC Universe Online (which is also by SOE) are on different servers, the same may apply for Free Realms on PS3.
  • Can I use the same kind of codes on the PC version on the PS3 game?
    • It depends on the code. Considering that you can only pay with PlayStation currency, SC card codes won't work with the PS3. And also considering that there is no TCG in this version, codes from the physical booster pack won't work with the PS3. Other codes, such as the free ones or ones from the comic books, are uncertain. 
  • Will there be support for the PSP?
  • Will there be a beta?
    • Considering that the game releases in about 2 weeks, it may be a little too late for a beta testing period, but who knows!


  • Can you play the PS3 game using the traditional mouse and keyboard?
    • There's currently no word on this. Keyboard will be supported for chat, but not confirmed for gameplay. It should be noted, however, that the PS3 can support almost any keyboard and mouse, but it just depends on the game to use it or not.
  • Can you still take screenshots and record videos on the PS3?
    • These features are totally possible on the PS3, but there's currently no word on if Free Realms will support it.
  • Is the friends list based off your PlayStation Network account's friends, or will it act the same as the PC?
    • Currently nothing official on this case. However, if it is based off your PSN account, that would mean you could only have about 100 due to current limitations to the system.


Want to know anything else? Be sure to comment and we'll try to find answers! Keep checking back here at as we update this post with the latest information as they come in!



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