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For many of our forum members, Daylight Savings Time begins this Sunday at 2:00am. This means that our clocks will have to be set ahead by one hour Saturday Night, and we will be getting less sleep come Sunday Morning. While not everyone is effected by this time change, all events on FRI will be.  If your area does not follow day light savings time--such as Saskatchewan--you will still find a change in the timing for each event. Please keep a close eye on the times posted, and remember to check a time conversation site if you are not sure when to show up!


If Free Realms follows the same format as last year, we know that It will also effect the times for some events on Free Realms, so be sure to double check when Tournaments are now being hosted, along with other community events published after this weekend.  While we will all have to get use to the change, it means an extra hour of daylight, and that spring is just around the corner.  Be sure to remember to set those clocks tonight!



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