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You heard us talk about Free Realms coming to PS3 before, but there was still no announcement for it. Now, everything is official!

Yes: Free Realms will be hitting PlayStation 3 systems on March 29th via PlayStation Network!

How will you get it? Using the PlayStation Network (PSN), the free online service on the PS3, you can download the game directly from the PlayStation Store for free and then play! (after you finish installing, that is)

Note that this is announced currently and only for the North America territory from Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA, a different branch of Sony from Sony Online Enteratinment that deals with all things PlayStation for the United States), so other nations like Europe will have to wait for Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe (SCEE) to make a similar announcement on their blog. We can assume that FR will hit European PS3s later on, similar to what SOE President John Smedley said

We also haven't got word on other details, like if the game will support the new PlayStation Move motion controllers, if it will support PSN trophies, if PlayStation Plus subscribers will get any bonuses, or if there will be a beta phase of any kind at all.


Update: There's a new interview on with lead designer Stephen Bokkes on bringing the experience to the console. In the interview, he details that there had to be changes to the interface for the PS3 controller as well as saying that PS3 players may wait a little longer for a PC/Mac update to hit the system. 

Another talk with Bokkes on Joystiq confirms that you won't be able to play with friends on the PC version on the PS3.

Also, an interview on PlayStationLifestyle.Net confirms several things on the PS3 version:

  •  It will not include TCG
  • You will have to pay with funds from your PlayStation wallet instead of Station Cash
  • No bonuses for PlayStation Plus subscribers at the moment
  • No plans to integrate into PlayStation Home
  • There were some difficulties of getting the PlayStation Move controller to work for the game, so it won't work at launch, however, it doesn't mean that it will never work with the game down the line.
  • There's no cross-compatability with PC and PSN accounts
  • Keyboard is supported, no voice chat.

An official SOE press release has been sent out, and it says that there will be voice chat, despite the previous interview saying otherwise.


Stay tuned to for more information about the PS3 launch as it happens!



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