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Along with the monthly Shattered Past TCG Pack awarded to members, many of our forum members are reporting receiving anywhere from 3 to 8 additional booster packs. These packs are not tradeable and locked to the account along with any cards rewarded at opening. While we are unsure of why these packs are being awarded, many of the players who are receiving them have Life-time or reccuring memberships to Free Realms.




At this point, it is not known if this is a membership bonus, fixing a glitch where membership packs have not been received, or a new bug altogether. There has been no word on if we will see anymore additional packs in the future. Stay tuned to for additional information as it becomes available.

*Update: We got offical word from Super Mustachio "It was an error we were correcting. We were accidentally not handing out monthly packs to lifetime members. We corrected that last month, but we did the back grant of missing packs from the date they became a lifetime member on Tuesday."



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