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Nymo's birthday is coming up, and to celebrate, we'll be holding an in-game, Dragon and fire-themed party!


This celebration will be held at Greenwood Camp (South of the Greenwood Forest Warp Stone; Directly in front of the encounter "Bandit Hideout!") on Sunday, March 6th at 1:00pm PST / 3:00pm CST / 4:00pm EST on Server 7. Bring your Dragon/reptile Masks, Outfits, Pets, and Rides for a ROARING good time! The participating FRI staff will also be hosting a handful of smaller events you'd have to be smooth and scaleless to miss out on!

*** Also, despite this being a partially fire-themed party, we ask that you please keep all fiery effects (like flame-related Consumeables and Rides, as well as Flair Shards) to a minimum. These items are fun, but we'd like to avoid the lag as much as possible for all participants! ***

We hope to see you there!


Update: Note that due to technical issues on Nymo's end, the party may ultimately be delayed to a later date. 



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