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Free Realms servers have recently gone down for scheduled maintenance.

This update will bring "some small bug fixes" including one concerning items from the Gifting Basket, as well as a new Vale Stream Lot to the SC Marketplace!


Servers are expected to stay down for approximately 3 to 5 hours.

What do you think about this update? Will you be buying the new Lot?

EDIT: Tonight's update will also bring the Treasure War minigame! Special thanks goes to taylorskydawn and Kaleb Opaleyes for pointing this news out to us.

Here's what Pex has to say about it:

" We're considering this to be a 'soft launch', so we aren't making a big deal about it yet. Let us know if you have any issues or spot bugs that can crop up when things go from our QA servers to live. 

Treasure War looks pretty simple at first, but if you don't pay attention you won't win. There are also some SC quest Bundles with cool gear attached we think the loot hounds will really like. 

We hope you like it. Once I started to really try it out, I liked it a lot. It's not as easy as it looks! "

Treasure War is a minigame that was announced to come to Free Realms several months ago, and is rumored to be an easier version of TCG.

Are you happy to hear that it's coming in game this evening? We certainly are!



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