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Many members will recall a list of updates that were to be made in 2010. These updates were to drastically change the game play in Free Realms and provide some new fun for players, while addressing old issues in the current system. One of the numerous new additions wase the Trophy System. A achievement based design similar to those available on Xbox360 and PlayStation3. This was added to provide new challenges to players, while allowing them to earn new items and titles for completing the required tasks.



The Trophy system was added for a brief period of time during October 2009, in which some members were able to earn exclusive titles such as "Iron Chef" for having a max level Chef. It was available for an estimated three days, and then disabled on October 17th that same year. This was due to the problems it was causing with the servers and database. Players were assured that the trophies they earned would be preserved, and the system would be back up shortly. 

In June this past year, Pex addressed the Trophy problems and it's return stating:

"Trophies - Yes, this caused issues with our databases and made some admins cry If you logged in that day you might recall getting messages throughout the day about your new trophies...and that was just one character! This is not shelved forever, but certainly delayed a while."

It is unknown if the Trophy system will return to Free Realms any time soon, as our last update was some time ago. Along with this would be the return of the Pet Trainer which was redesigned to work around the Trophy system. Due to the unavailability of the Trophy system, members have been unable to level or begin training as a Pet Trainer in Free Realms.  The Pet Trainer is still unavailable and there is no time period for it's scheduled return, until the trophy system returns (which also has no time schedule for it's return), the pet trainer will not be available for anyone to start or continuing leveling.



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