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Can you believe that Festival of Hearts has been around since practically the start of February? Well, all things shall come to an end, and that will soon be the case for Festival of Hearts!

Oh, but don't worry! It's not happening tomorrow or anything! If you still have Festival-of-Hearts-stuff to do in Free Realms, you still have plenty of time!

According to Free Realms community manager Pex in the lastest SOE Podcast, "...The Festival of Hearts will continue to run until approximately March 16th, the third week in March.."

So again: You have up until Wednesday, March 16th to hit up all the Festival of Hearts offerings before they're all gone! So don't forget to do all those quests, earn all those FoH items, keep attacking Stone Heart, and most importantly buy the FoH items you want in the marketplace before it all disappears until next year!

What do you still have to do in Free Realms for Festival of Hearts?


Update: According to Pex on the official Free Realms forums today (March 16th):

"Most of the event will disappear at midnight tonight PDT. The rest of the event will go away when we do an update on Friday."

Currently no word on which content from the event will leave and what will remain until Friday, so to be safe: Get to everything you want to do now before tonight ends!

Edit: All the Festival of Hearts decorations in-game are now gone! But don't worry: All the other content, including quests, battle instances, and Station Cash items are still in the game! You have until Friday to still make use of them!



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