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Looking to get more Station Cash for the President's Day housing sales? Or perhaps stock up for the future, and maybe someday boost your VIP rank?
Whatever the case may be: Be sure check out the new SC card coming to stores near you the next time you shop for one!

Announcing the $15 all-in-one Sony Online Enteratinment card! Unlike the Free Realms or Clone Wars Adventures cards, this is labeled and ready for many of SOE's games, making it easy for player of any SOE player to add 1500 Station Cash or 30-days of game time to their account!

In terms of Free Realms: This just gives you another option when looking for Station Cash! Note however that, unlike some Free Realms SC cards (which can range from $5/500SC, $10/1000SC & $25/2500SC), these cards have no exclusive item attached to them.

It should also be pointed out that SC from the Free Realms/Clone Wars Adventures cards can be used across any of the other SOE games, as this new $15 card will also do. Only now, players of other SOE games like EverQuest II or the new DC Universe Online don't have to be seen purchasing a FR/CWA card to get some Station Cash...

This new card should now be available at your local GameStop location, and will soon hit other locaitons where FR/CWA cards can be found, like Best Buy, Target, and 7-Eleven. (Yes: This only applies to retailers in the United States. Sorry international players!)
So the next time you need to grab some Station Cash, keep an eye out for these cards!  They can be used toward your next Free Realms purchases!



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