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Background Changer

Free Realms servers are expected to go down this evening around 9:30 PST (12:30 EST) for scheduled maintenance, and stay down for approximately two to three hours.

What can we expect from this update? Pex says some small bug fixes will be made, including a fix toward the VIP system! That's right: After tonight's update, VIP Levels will display correctly!

Also, this update will bring a new item to the SC Marketplace: the Gifting Basket!

Similar to the Jackpot Plant and Gifting Tree items, this item will gift the user an item every day for 30 days after it is "planted" into a House or Lot! This basket holds a total of 29 possible prizes, each with 300 variant tints, ranging from Common, Uncommon, and Rare!

Are you looking forward to this update? Will you be purchasing a Gifting Basket?



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