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FRI TCG Logo We are pleased to announce that our first FRI TCG Party and Tournament of the year has been scheduled! This Friday (February 18th) from 8pm to 11pm (Eastern) Free Realms Insider will be once again hosting the biggest tournaments this side of the Realms! Our last event this past December had over 400 members show up to participate, and the prizes are only going to get better this year

Are you looking for a new weapon to show off? We may be able to supply that demand, as we will be giving away a complete set of the Ceremonial weapons. Better yet, these weapons are available to anyone who wins the required games--this means there is no need to place in the top 25! The Top 25 players will also have a chance to win some other cool prizes, including the tournament rod, and some oils for your brand new weapons.  If exclusive trading card items are not your thing, we will be offering coin prizes for wins once again! 


 Click READ MORE to view the prize list below.






VR Prizes:
Pixie Party Hat - Play one game
Card Champion's Case - Awarded to the player in 1st place
Electric Oil Diamond Shard - Awarded to players in 1st - 5th
Firey Oil Diamond Shard - Awarded to players in 6th - 10th
Card Champion's Rod - Awarded to players in  1st - 25th place
Ceremonial Bone Wand - win 3 games
Ceremonial Bonesaw - win 6 games
Ceremonial Hammer - win 9 games
Ceremonial Mantis Bow - Win 12 games

Coin Prizes:
Win 15 Games: 1,000 Coins
Win 15 Games: 2,000 Coins
Win 15 Games: 15,000 coins
Win 14 Games: 1,000 Coins
Win 13 Games: 1,000 Coins
Win 13 Games: 2,000 Coins
Win 11 Games: 4,000 Coins
Win 10 Games: 4,000 Coins
Win 8 Games: 2,000 Coins
Win 7 Games: 2,000 Coins
Win 5 Games: 2,000 Coins
Win 4 Games: 2,000 Coins
Win 2 Games: 2,000 Coins
Win 1 Game: 2,000 Coins




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