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Hope you're prepared, because Sony Online Entertainment has special plans this President's Day weekend!

That's right: To celebrate President's Day here in the United States, SOE is having special offers across many of their games from February 18th to 21st! That of course includes Free Realms!

What kind of special offers? It could be discounts on certain items, or even introducing a brand new item!

We won't know until they officially announce it on Thursday the 17th, so check back by then to see what SOE is offering to Free Realms this President's Day! 


Updated: The special offer this weekend has been announced! 

What is it? All Station Cash Housing items & lots are going to half off! That's right: 50% off all housing SC items!

The promotion will start at noon PST on Friday February 18th and will end at 11:59 PM PST on Monday February 21st!

What housing items will you purchase this weekend?


Update 2: Just a reminder that today's the last day to get SC housing stuff on the cheap! After midnight tonight, SC housing items go back to regular price!



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