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As we detailed before, and update has come into the game! However, there's some other new things that we didn't talk about! Here's a rundown of all the new things in the update!

First up: The February Members Pack has arrived early! Inside it, you can find 10,000 coins for you to spend and a white Teddy Bear Costume (that's a 180 SC value)!

Speaking of freebies, here's one that you can get, even if you're not a member! That's right, there's new promotional profile ad items! Disney is back to help promote the new Diamond Edition of Bambi out on Blu-ray next month! Unlike the Tinker Bell items from a while back, these new promo items are all special pet pals straight from the classic animated movie! Be sure to collect all of them! Keep an eye out for those yellow banners where the 'enter code' box usually is on your profile page on the website to claim them! Note that you will have to be a US resident to take part in this promotion.

One thing to also note: Costumes now have it's own section in the Jobs and Equipment windows! If you have any costumes, they will now appear in that section and not take up space in your 'Chest' category.

Oh, and can't forget: The new VIP system! Check here on this post for on-going coverage on the new program!

What do you think of the update? Looking forward to anything?



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