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The new VIP program is finally here! But how does it work? Here's what we at FRI gathered on it:

"By keeping your Membership active and buying things in the Station Cash Marketplace, you can earn points to unlock access to premium items! Check out the new V.I.P. section in the Marketplace to see all the cool new things you can get, and remember that you have to be a Member to earn V.I.P. points!" (via What's New on the Welcome Screen)

"How it works: You must be a member to participate in the VIP program. Members earn VIP poitns everyday, just for being a member! VIP Points will help boost your VIP rank!
WHat you get: Increasing your VIP rank grants access to special privileges and exclusive VIP rewards. Each VIP Rank earned unlocks new items in the marketplace. These items range from unique costumes, cool new rides and even a brand new house! Bring some flair to your jobs! Rank 1 VIP members can wear full body costumes on any job! Stand out amongst the crowd! Rank 5 VIP members can now equip all job wearables on their adventurer job!" (via V.I.P. Status 'More Info' on the Welcome Screen)

As it says, you can check out the new VIP section in the SC Marketplace to see what special items you could unlock and purchase, including the awesome VIP Club House seen above! Here's a list of all the cool new items you can preview for now:

  • VIP Rank 1
    • High Fantasy Outfit (270 SC)
    • Phoenix (405 SC)
  • VIP Rank 2
    • Robot Outfit (450 SC)
    • Sun (315 SC)
    • VIP Juice Bar (450 SC)
  • VIP Rank 3
    • Briar Falls Lot (450 SC)
    • Sci-fi Outfit (360 SC)
    • VIP Party Pool (900 SC)
  • VIP Rank 4
    • Hydra Pet (495 SC)
    • Rogue Outfit (270 SC)
    • VIP Chicken Boombox (270 SC)
  • VIP Rank 5
    • Hydra Ride (630 SC)
    • King's/Queen's Outfit (360 SC)
    • VIP Club House (1350 SC)

Other details of note:

  • Lifetime members are included in this program, of course! (via Pex)
  • "VIP Ranking increases every day you are a Member. You don't have to log in at all to get points for that day" (via Pex)
  • Annoyed with just more SC stuff? Pex says "We've got more gameplay stuff coming throughout the year." 

Update: Pex has recently set the record straight on the status of the VIP program at it's current state:

"I wanted to put up a note to clarify a current issue we're seeing with VIP on the live servers.

Everyone's VIP is increasing as planned on a daily basis. However, the visual representation of that rank is not being shown. We are working on this and hope to have a fix in place as quickly as possible.

In addition, some players are saying that when they spend SC their rank jumps up then goes back down. Currently we are not linking ANY SC purchase to VIP, so this isn't an accurate reading of how SC will affect VIP once we add that to the game (probably in a month)

I hope that helps explain some of the strange readings people have been having over the weekend. We will get it sorted as quickly as possible."

Again: While the progress bar for VIP doesn't look like it's going up, it actually is. A fix for that will hopefully come soon. Also: SC purchases currently do not factor into your VIP status yet: That too will also have to be fixed and implimented and will begin around next month.


Stay tuned to as more details on the VIP system comes in!



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