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That's right: Free Realms is down for maintenance! It began around midnight Pacific time (about 2 hours later than scheduled) and is expected to last from two-to-three hours.

But what can you expect in this update? How about a new VIP system!

Here's what the maintenance notes have to say about it:

VIP Program

What's the VIP Program? The VIP Program rewards players for maintaining Memberships over time! The longer you have an active Membership, the higher your VIP Rank will increase.

As you level up your VIP Rank you unlock exclusive VIP titles, items from the Marketplace and the ability to equip certain costumes across jobs. (Wouldn't your archer look better in a banana costume?)

You'll be able to check out the VIP section of the Marketplace for a preview of what will be available for each rank.

Every current account with a Membership will begin to level up VIP Ranks after this update. Membership from before this update will NOT be retroactively added to VIP Ranks. If you let your membership lapse you will SLOWLY lose rank. It will not automatically reset to zero.

Expect to hear more on the VIP system next week from SOE.

Also with this update, there's some more new Festival of Hearts items in the shops! In the SC Marketplace, there's King/Queen of Hearts/Broken Hearts costumes as well as 2 pets: Snowheart and Lovasus, Festival of Hearts themed penguin and pony pets, respectively. 

For the Coin Shop, pixies can finally get Cupid/Stone Hearts' Wing Pattern Style Cards! For people into housing, check out the Be-Mine Basket!

That about does it for this update! What do you think about the new VIP Program?

Stay tuned to as more info rolls in!



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