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Some may have noticed that votes on the recently released Housing Directory have been disappearing. First thing is first: It is not a bug. There is an explanation for that, which Free Realms Community Manager Pex has mentioned on the offiicial forums:

"I asked the Dev team about this and currently the votes are not meant to be permanent. The votes are meant to expire after 30 days. Since the directory launched on Dec 16th, we're starting to see those early votes drop off.

This is to prevent a few houses from permanently being at the top of the charts even if people stop visiting it or the player who made the house leaves the game. There needs to be some sort of decay on votes to make sure the list stays fresh.

Yes, this should be conveyed to the players somehow so they know the votes are those cast in the last 30 days and not a bug deleting votes."

How do you feel about this sort of expiring-votes system? Is it a good thing, or would you rather have permanent votes?



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