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We are excited to begin the New Year by bringing back some spunk to FRI!
If you remember last year, we hosted tons of events, contests, and giveaways on the forums, and we’re not stopping now!

The first contest of 2011 is...

Make Your Own Valentine!

Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, the staff here at FRI thought it would be fun to have a Free Realms Valentine making contest.
Please design and post a Valentine here using a photo taken in Free Realms. The FRI staff will select a lucky winner who will earn an Emo-Tor and have their card featured on the FRI front page!

Here’s an example I made for my special FRI-ends here at FRI.


The Rules:
* To enter, just post your photo below!
* All entries must contain a photo taken in Free Realms and be edited by YOU (picnik, photoshop, etc...). 
* All entries are due by midnight PST (2:00am CST, 3:00am EST) on Saturday, February 12th.
* You may only enter once.
* The winner will receive an Emo-Tor and have their card featured on the front page. 

The winner will be announced at a special Pre-Valentine’s Day party on Sunday, February 13th, 2011 at 1:00pm PST. (mark your calendars!!)
(3:00pm CST, 4:00pm EST)

Stay tuned for more party details. 

Good luck and have fun!

(also be on the lookout for new FRI-day events, forum contests/giveaways, and in game parties! Let’s bring back the fun to FRI.)



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