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Just this last week, Sony Online Entertainment's new DC Universe Online has launched on both PC and PS3 to much critical acclaim. But what about Free Realms: That was also planned to launch on the PS3 as well, what happened to that?

Well, SOE President John Smedley spoke to Eurogamer about a couple things, one of which is Free Realms for PS3.
Here's what he had to say on this topic:

"This is in submission at SCEA [Sony Computer Entertainment America] right now," says Smedley of Free Realms PS3. "Once it's done with that, once it's through, we'll be launching it in SCEE [Sony Computer Entertainment Europe].

"If I was a betting man," he goes on, "I'm betting sometime early February it gets launched on the PS3 in SCEA. And probably, and this is a guess, sometime in March for SCEE. And that will use a free-to-play business model on PS3."

Like everything that's put on the PS3, they have to go through and be approved by Sony Computer Entertainment, which is different from Sony Online Entertainment, in order to have it be on the system. That's what Smedley pretty much means by having the game "in submission" to SCEA. The game, according to Smedley, is ready, however, it just needs to be approved by SCEA before it can launch on the PS3.
And since the America and Europe divisions are separate, that's why he expects FR to launch a month after for Europe because SCEE has to also look over it.

While DCUO (DC Universe Online) was launched on Blu-Ray like every other PS3 game, Free Realms will still keep it's free-to-play model when it hits the system (Like PlayStation Home). This likely means that it will launch off the PlayStation Network and be downloadable on the PlayStation Store.


Well, there you have it! Info on the PS3 release straight from SOE Pres himself John Smedley! While it's still vague, at least we still know that it's really on the way: Early next month in February for America and sometime in March for Europe!
Are you a PS3 owner? Will you be getting a PS3 soon? Will you also play on the PS3 and start new? 



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