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It's been over a month since Snow Days began this holiday season, but now it's time for it to come to an end. Yes: You have exactly a week to get all the Snow Days stuff you want as it all goes down and melts away (until next winter) this January 19th!

In the mean time, there's some good news to those who waited out on getting new Snow Days items in the SC Marketplace: They're all half off! That's right: If it was an SC item that was released for Snow Days, it's now half off on the marketplace! But again: You only have a week left until it all goes away on the 19th!

If you already bought every single Snow Day items in the SC Marketplace, well, there's some new things in the marketplace right now!

That's correct! There's new bowling-themed items! That includes a new Bowling Ball ride and Bowling Pin Outfit! What do you think of it? Is it a strike or is it a gutterball for you? I'll probably spare a few SC for both of them down the lane...

Are you going to buy any Snow Days or bowling items in the next week?



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