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Many members have been left wondering where the December Holiday Gift Packs are.  These gift packs which were to arrive on members accounts between December 16th and December 19th, and featured a variety of items and coin packages depending on your membership type.  The special Membership packs for December will feature Snow Days themed items, station cash items, and coins. It was later announced that the same offer would be made for those who purchased a Membership before December 23rd.


WickedJeromy says that "I have contacted customer service about my members pack on Sunday of last week.They said they have a lot of members to send the packs to and it takes some time to get to everyone. Referee Silver said not to worry, but if I dont receive my members pack by Tuesday (today) then contact them again."


Snow Days


As of Tuesday, December 21st very few have received the package. These packages will be limited to one per account, and the items within it will be determined by your membership level (ranging from one month to lifetime membership). You can read more about the packages HERE. Stay tuned to for the latest updates on these packs.


We posted this story after contacting quite a few players asking if they had received member packs for this month yet. They had not. If you find that any of the news being reported is false, please hit the report button and tell us your findings and we'll update our information! We love having a resourceful and knowledgeable community. Thank you!!


Update (December 25th 2010 @ 9:30am): We have now heard from members - including our own Moderator Firehawk - that the holiday packs are arriving slowly to those who have a current membership. If you happen to receive the wrong membership holiday pack (there are different levels of packs which can be viewed HERE), be sure to ticket a referee as soon as possible so they can resolve the situation.  Happy Holidays!



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