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Did you miss the live 100th SOE podcast webcast that happened earlier tonight? Well, here's a general rundown of what happened!

Oh hi Community Manager Jason "Pex" Ryan!

Here is a general rundown of things that were mentioned. Note that there currently is no video recording available of the livestream and that some details may not be exactly what was said and/or may be missing some details that were mentioned. The audio version of the podcast will be available to download soon.

Without further ado, here's an overview of what was mentioned during the interview with Free Realms producer Nick Parkinson:

  • Housing
    • The Housing Director, mentioned before, is coming tonight!
    • New kinds of blocks are coming! These will be easily stackable and won't be off-center with other blocks of the same kind. There will also be different kinds of materal, such as bricks and stone.
    • Nick hinted at something upcoming that will be similar to the Jackpot Plants, but didn't specify. He could possibly be hinting at something found in tonight's update.
  • Treasure War
    • As you recall, there's a new card game coming into Free Realms called Treasure War, which is seen around the camp in the Greenwood Forrest. Nick said that it can come in the next year, as soon as January, but "don't quote me on that." No further details were mentioned
  • Coming Soon
    • The Hydra that was in the new commercial was mentioned, but Nick didn't specify if it was a ride, a pet, nor when it was coming.
    • Nick made mention of 'new systems' coming into place in Free Realms. He did not explain any further.
    • It was clear that there are many other things planned for Free Realms, but still none of them were ready to announce just yet.
  • Other Questions
    • On the topic of Chapter 2, Nick didnt' seem to know what was meant by that. He had nothing to say about it.
    • When asked to say Luke Skywalker quotes, Nick denied any claims that he looked like a young Mark Hamill...

Overall: Not too many details and specifics on upcoming features to the game, but there's clearly quite a bit planned. Thanks to Nick Parkinson for sticking around for a fun interview!

Again: Take a listen to the entire podcast when it comes available soon!


Also: You may have noticed that there's a maintenance tonight! Here's what you can expect from the update:

  • Housing Directory! Again, check here for details on what it is!
  • More Snow Days clothing! This includes antlers, both for yourself and your pets, among others!
  • A mini Giving Tree for your house! This tiny Giving Tree is much like the one in Snowhill, but smaller and gives a lot better gifts! Why? Just like the Jack Pot plants, it will grant you a new gift every day! From tacky sweaters in different tints, Snow Days outfits, Reindeer pets, rides, and more! However: It only lasts for 30 days and, like the Jackpot Plants, stops granting you gifts and acts as a normal holiday tree to keep your house decorated! Think of it as a little Advent Calendar!


Boy! What a packed weekend of Free Realms news! Hope you enjoy all that FR has to offer this weekend! 



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