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Enjoy discount on Station Cash? Of course you do! Well, you better get your wallets out and ready (or wallets of your family and friends, with their permission of course) because this upcoming December 17th-19th weekend is also going to be...

That's right! When you redeem those SC cards this weekend: it's value will double!

Don't live near a store that sells SC cards or live outside the United States? Don't worry: Double Station Cash Weekend now includes purchases made by credit/debit cards and PayPal! (Sorry: Purchases made through SMS are not a part of this promotion!)

When exactly will will this Double SC Weekend promo kick in? We still don't know yet! The exact start date shall be announced real soon!

In the mean time, click here for more details on the promotion!


Are you going to take part this weekend? How are you going to buy your SC? What will you buy with all that Station Cash?



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