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tcglogo would like to invite everyone to our next TCG Party, held Friday December 17th at 8pm to 11pm (Eastern). Like all of our tournaments, we'll have a range of different prizes available for all players to earn and enjoy. These tournaments are a great chance to meet new friends, test your skills, and just hang around with the members and staff of FRI!

Our last tournament had over 300 players show up for a chance to win our awesome prizes. Looking for a last minute holiday outfit? How about we try something a little less traditional this year. For December's tournament we'll be giving away the complete rocker set to some lucky individuals! But if that is not a big enough prize, we will also be giving away Five Chugawug Bandit masks and Five Penguin Masks! 




VR Prizes

1st Place : Card Champion's Case
1st - 5th Place: Penguin Feather Mask
1st - 25th Place: Card Champion's Rod
6th - 10th Place: Chuawug Bandit Mask
Win 3 Games: Rocker Hat
Win 6 Games: Rocker Vest
Win 9 Games: Rocket Pants
Win 12 Games: Rocker Shoes
Play 1 game: Pixie Party Hat (Win or Lose)

Coin Prizes

Win 15 Games: 1,000 Coins
Win 15 Games: 2,000 Coins
Win 15 Games: 15,000 coins
Win 14 Games: 1,000 Coins
Win 13 Games: 1,000 Coins
Win 13 Games: 2,000 Coins
Win 11 Games: 4,000 Coins
Win 10 Games: 4,000 Coins
Win 8 Games: 2,000 Coins
Win 7 Games: 2,000 Coins
Win 5 Games: 2,000 Coins
Win 4 Games: 2,000 Coins
Win 2 Games: 2,000 Coins
Win 1 Game: 2,000 Coins




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