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There's a new commerical hitting the airwaves here in the United States! If you haven't already seen it, check below for the video!


Say, doesn't something look familiar in that video?

That's right! Fellow FRI staff member Firehawk (Firehawk894 in-game) and his awesome dragon-filled home, previously featured on for the Home Show, has also made it onto the new TV spot at around the 0:09 mark! Here's a look at the house if you haven't already seen it...


Congrats to Firehawk for making it into the commercial! If you recall, this is not the first time a Free Realms Insider staff member has made it into a FR ad, as Kaden's treehouse has been featured in one in the past!

speaking of dragons, Eagle-eyed viewers have also spotted something new in the ad: A 3-headed dragon!

The dragon can be seen around the 0:07 mark. No word on if this is a pet or a ride, or when it will come, but perhaps we shall find out soon!

What do you think about the new ad? Seen it on TV yet? Noticed anything else new in the commercial?
Congrats again to Firehawk! 



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