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Getting people into your house or lot in Free Realms is kinda annoying: You have to add people to your friends list so they can get in, and that makes for big friends lists full of people you may not know.

Well, SOE has recognized that and they aim to make the housing experience even better with, wait for it:

A new Housing Directory feature!

With this new upcoming features, you can make your house 'public' so others can easily see and go to it!

How will it work? When this update comes, all you have to do is go into your house/lot and then choose to 'publish' it into the directory!
From there, others can easily visit it and others by searching character names or the name of the house.

Yes: You can actually name your house! (requires approval, similar to guilds)
People can even rate your house out of 5 stars

Other features, such as making a custom screenshot for when others search for your house, will come down the line in the future after this feature launches.

Currently no word on when this update will take place, but I'm sure you're just as excited as I am for this!



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