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The holiday season has begun long long ago, in a galaxy far far away...

In this past Friday's update, Clone Wars Adventures has become a little more festive this time of year! Yes, Life Day has arrived to CWA! (you know, like the star wars holiday special!)

Just like Free Realms, this is a kind of a big update bringing in a lot of Life Day stuff to the game! Aside from a new Republic Defender minigame level and decorations all around the map, you can find several Life Day items in the shops! Here's a little rundown of what to expect:

  • Outfits
    • Clone Snowtrooper (3000 credits, members only)
    • Nutcracker Clone Trooper (300 SC)
    • Wampa Suit (6000 credits, members only)
    • Life Day Clone Trooper (2200 credits)
    • Life Day Robes (460 credits)
  • Housing
    • Life Day Decorations Pack I (8 items, set for 3000 credits, members only)
    • Life Day Decorations Pack II (9 items, set for 650 SC)
  • Pets
    • Droids
      • GR-OWL (astromech, 300 SC)
      • P3-NUT (astromech)
        • "SOE Child's Play Charity Drive - Buy P3-NUT between 12/21 and 12/31 and we'll donate 5 dollars on your behalf and match with 5 dollars from us!"
    • Droid Parts
      • Protocol Droid Life Day Parts
        • Protocol Droid Light Kit (1500 credits)
      • Astromech Life Day Parts
        • Snow Maker (200 SC)
        • Astromech Light Kit (100 SC)
      • Mouse Droid Life Day Parts
        • Wind-Up Key (200 SC)
        • Mouse Droid Light Kit (100 SC)

A lot of fun holiday stuff in store this time around on CWA, so go on and check it all out! If you haven't played Clone Wars Adventures, you should give it a try! It's free just like Free Realms and you don't have to know much about Star Wars to enjoy it! And if you couldn't play because you're on a Mac, well, here's some good news:

Yes, that's right! Just like Free Realms: Clone Wars Adventures is now playable on your Mac as well!


That's all for the CWA News Report for this week! Tune in to again for the next one, but until then: See you on Clone Wars Adventures!



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