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As if this upcoming December 16th wasn't something to look forward to already, you have another reason to mark it on your calendar!

According to the last SOE podcast (number 99!), Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming 100th episode will be broadcasted live on the 16th at 5 PM (Pacific time)!

Why should you look forward to this one? According to that same episode, there will also be a Free Realms interview! Still no word on who will be interviewed, but this still gives you a chance chat live with people at SOE and people from the Free Realms team!

You can catch the live video stream and chat over at SOE's Stickam page when the event goes live!
(Alternatively, you can check it out right here on the front page! We'll embed it on this post for you to easily watch!) 

Who do you think will be interviewed live for the 100th podcast? What questions will you ask them?

See you there when the show begins, and congrats SOE on 100 episodes!

UPDATE: Here's more details on the new live podcast episode!

If you want to know who the mystery interviewee is for this edition, well hope you're happy to find out that it will be Nick Parkinson: The producer for Free Realms! Yes: The main guy in charge for Free Realms as a whole will be interviewed live online! Be sure to bring your hard-hitting questions and suggestions ready this Thursday!
Click here for additional details!

UPDATE: The live-stream is done!

Stay tuned to after the show for a wrap-up of what happened!



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