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The weather forecast in Free Realms today: Snow!

That's right: Snow Days has finally landed in Free Realms after a long delay! Now everyone can celebrate the holiday season in-game and enjoy some Snow days goodies!

Just as last year, you start off the Snow Days quest line right in Snowhill, the central hub for all Snow Days activity, and talk to "Candi Ivy" right under the tree to start your winter-wonderland adventure!
And yes: The evil snowmen are back and stealing presents! It's up to you to help stop them and save the presents!

For those of you who were around for last year: There doesn't appear to be any particularly new or different content for the holiday event. Still, this gives you a lot of good time to gather all the Snow Days collectible items!

All the Snow Days content in the SC Marketplace doesn't appear to be back just yet, such as the Santa outfits or reindeer pets, but we're pretty sure they and other items will come back in the weeks to come!
Speaking of which: If you wondered what happened to the penguin costume that was at last year's Spooktacular: It now appears to have become a Snow Days SC item!

 Also: Remember November's Membership Packs? It doesn't seem like they're in yet! We're one week into December already, and it's nowhere to be seen at the moment! We suspect that the postal service in Free Realms has got an overload of mail to sort, so just hold on for a little longer to see what's up with the November Member Packs!
UPDATE: Member Packs are now in-game! 

That's all for the Snow Days update wrap up! Stay tuned to as we find more news and info on the update!



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