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If you didn't already notice, Free Realms is down! Hopefully we get an update tonight without any more delays!

While we wait for it to come, lets take a look a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

This week on the Clone Wars Adventures News Report: Unlike Free Realms, Clone Wars Adventures has a regular weekly update every Friday to add new content based on things from that night's episode on Cartoon Network. For this past Friday (December 3rd), there's a few new outfits added!

What you'll find are:

  • Two new SC outfits
    • Chata Hyoki (350 SC)
    • Robonino (300 SC)
  • A new Members Only outfit
    • Chancellor Palpatine (1200 credits)
  • New female human hairstyle
    • Padme's Headpiece Hairstyle (200 credits)
Go log in and check them out!

Also this past weekend, SOE Super Fan Days, as we mentioned last week, came to a close and the free exclusive items have been distributed to all qualified Jedi Members in CWA! If you meet the promotion's requirements for some of the freebies, don't forget to log in to the game to claim your rewards!

That's all for this week on the CWA News Report! Check back again by the end of next week for more news from the Star Wars realm!



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