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Been wondering where the Snow Days content is? Or where November's Member Packs are? Well fret not! There's an update coming TONIGHT!

Yes! There's maintenance going on real soon! How soon? At 9:00 PM PST tonight, December 2nd 2010.

During the update, the game and website will be down and unavailable for around 2 hours while the update is being added.

After that, Snow Days is officially back in Free Realms for the Holiday season and there should also be last month's Member Pack also available! 

Stay tuned to while we cover any new info that comes from the realms!

Update: It's been a few hours, and still no sign of an update. Just a reminder that it was 'scheduled' to go on at 9 PM tonight. Meaning that things can change, and considering Free Realms' past, they generally do. We will find out if the Snow Days update will really be delayed or just being a little late soon...

Update (December 3rd @ 8:30am Eastern): The Servers are back online and there is no sign of the Snow Days update at Snowhill. At this point, it appears that Snow Days has been delayed. However, there has been no official word on the status of the update from the Free Realms team.  Stay tuned to for more updates as they become available.

Update (December 3rd @ 10:30am Eastern):   The Servers have once again gone offline.  The update appears to be going live and will bring some Snow Days content.



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