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SOE has announced that Super Fan Holidays have arrived in Free Realms.  This promotion will take place from November 29th at 9am Pacific to December 3rd at 6pm Pacific.  During this time, members will receive a special 30% discount off of items in the coin and station cash stores.  If you have your eye on a special item, now may be the time to purchase it!


Need more station cash? No problem!  Station Cash purchased through Credit Cards and Paypal will also be discounted for this promotion. 5,000 Station cash will be discounted 25% making it only $37.50 USD (originally $50.00 USD), and 10,000 Station Cash is up for grabs at 30% off - only $65.00 USD (originally $100.00 USD).  Now is a good time to purchase a membership with discounted station cash just in time for the Snow Days update coming in the next month.



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