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Today is November the 25th: The 4th Thursday of the month, otherwise Thanksgiving in the United States.

Tonight, many families will be coming together all over the nation to feast and spend some quality time together. This of course will include the fine folks at Sony Online Entertainment who make Free Realms possible.

In terms of SOE's support team who is responsible for responding to your help tickets: There will still be some on-hand this weekend to help you out, but the entire team won't be back until Saturday, November 27th. That means that responses to your tickets by then may take even longer than usual as a result. For many players who may be out during this weekend, that may not be a big deal, however other international players who aren't on holiday this weekend may really take notice of this. If that's the case: Just stay put until they can get back to your support tickets!

Also note that some staff here on Free Realms Insiders, including myself, may not be available this Thanksgiving weekend.
So, on behalf of the rest of the FRI staff: Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Speaking of which: What are you thankful for this year?

Have a fantastic weekend, Insiders!
And don't forget about the event-filled weekend in store for you guys: From the Turkey Dance community event today, several other Thanksgiving events from your fellow players, and not to mention the Guild Day festivities this Friday! Which ones will you be attending?

Stay safe and have fun everyone!



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