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Join the Insiders and other guilds within Free Realms Friday November 26th for the first official "Guild Party Day." The event will be hosted by Daisy Watersprout and her guild 'Bunny Foofoo Belly Button Lint' on Server 8 starting in Sanctuary at 7:30pm Eastern. Earlier this month, guilds were asked to submit their team colours and information to Daisy, along with an event they may host.  You can find the official list of guilds participating and their events HERE. For those of you that remember the thrilling game of Seaside darts we hosted last summer, it will be returning on Friday!  For instructions to Seaside darts click HERE.




The Insiders will be out to participate in our new official Green and Orange guild colours, be sure to wear yours with pride! We hope you will all show up to meet and play with other guilds along with members of your own. This would be a great event to come and participate in even if you are not part of the guilds joining in, you never know when you will find the "perfect guild" for you!  So mark your calendars and get ready for some fun!



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