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As you may know, there's some things in Free Realms updates that may go under the radar for several players. So, here's some that you may have missed that we want to remind you about!

First up: You can now walk in Free Realms! Normally when you move around your character is seen running, but now you can take it a little slow and walk in-game! Several other players already know about this since the maintenance last week, and you may have seen other players doing it.
Give it a try by pressing hold of the Shift button on your keyboard and walk as you usually would in-game using the arrow keys or the WASD keys and vola! You're walking!
This is useful when you want to stand in a specific spot or just want to go a little slower in-game.

Something else you may have missed is a new mount in the Station Cash store:
The Eight Ball Ride!

This ride works just like the beach ball rides you've seen players balancing on in-game, except it looks like a huge billiards ball! On top of that, there's some cool sparkling effects surrounding it, so you could say that it's a magic 8 ball!
This new ride costs 315 SC, and as usual, it's only available for Members in Free Realms.

How do you like walking in Free Realms? What about the new 8 ball ride?
And if there's anything new that you noticed is in-game that we may have missed, don't forget to tell us and who knows: We might mention it in a front page post and we'll thank you for the info!



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