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As of last week on November 18th, players from Clone Wars Adventures have been saying that they got 250 Station Cash in their accounts.

Other players on here and the official forums have been saying the same thing, so to clear it all up: Yes, SOE has a promotion giving away 250 SC to Clone Wars Adventures players!

Unfortunately, details appear to be rather slim on this promo, but they are apparently still rolling out the Station Cash to players. Keep in mind that there are millions of accounts out there, so it may take a while to get to everyone! 

If you play Clone Wars Adventures and still haven't received your 250 SC, try waiting a little more or, if you just can't wait, go and try asking the CWA Counselors and submit a help ticket to the support team.

If you haven't already been playing Clone Wars Adventures: Why not?! Go on and log in using your same Station ID on Free Realms and give it a try! Hopefully you too will earn some SC too soon!

Stay tuned as we try to get more info on this promotion and keep a look out soon for more CWA info here on!



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